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We have partnered with AccountKings to give you a safe method to sell your OSRS Accounts. You can either click on the link below to submit a quote directly with them or fill in our form below to get in touch!

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What is an OSRS Account?

An OSRS account is an in-game account that allows you to play the game Old School RS. With a pre-leveled OSRS account you can partake in all the various fun and interesting activities OSRS has to offer like bossing, high level questing, and more!

Why should I sell OSRS Accounts?

After grinding away at OSRS for some time - you can actually sell your account for instant payment by entering your information into the form above! An accounts representative at one of our partner sites will get in touch and make you the best offer possible on your account. You will then be paid out instantly through a payment method like PayPal.

Doing this can easily net you hundreds of dollars a month in sales and give you some much-earned side-income while also playing the game you love!

Who should I sell OSRS accounts to?

Selling OSRS accounts can be a nerve-racking experience! After grinding away for hundreds of hours, you want to be sure that you will get paid for all your hard work. Due to this, we suggest selling your account directly on RSGilded. We have sourced a very reputable account dealer to purchase your accounts and can be sure that you will be paid instantly through PayPal when you sell your accounts!

Is selling Old School RS Accounts safe?

Selling your OSRS account to our partner using the form above is very safe. They have purchased tens of thousands of accounts with absolutely no unsatisfactory trades. We have done our research and have partnered with the best of the best when it comes to the OSRS account buyer!