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CSGO Trading Websites

CS.Money Review
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154 Bots
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Tradeit.GG Review
Trading Fee
Inventory Size
120 Bots
Total Trades
CS.Trade Review
Trading Fee
Inventory Size
100 Bots
Total Trades
Swap.GG Review
Trading Fee
Inventory Size
115 Bots
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TradeSkinsFast Review
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104 Bots
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What is CSGO?

Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) is an online first-person shooter video game created by Valve. It is free-to-play and includes matchmaking services, player-created content, and a cosmetic skin market. CSGO mainly features two opposing teams: the Terrorists and the Counter-terrorists. The main game-mode, competitive play, has Terrorists complete for the objective of either planting a bomb or of defending hostages at different sites. Counter-terrorists, on the other hand, seek to defuse planted bombs or to rescue hostages from the Terrorists. Both teams may also eliminate all opposing players to win rounds. 

There are many other game-modes, both Valve-developed and community-created, to play, such as deathmatch, gun game, and casual play. A rich catalog of community servers notably host popular, custom game-modes, such as bunnyhopping, minigames, and one-versus-ones. Danger Zone, a battle-royale game-mode, is another engaging option for players to experience CSGO in a much larger setting. The CSGO player-base takes advantage of these many options, and it is a significant contributor to its CSGO’s title as one of the biggest e-sport games today.

What are CSGO Trading Sites?

A CSGO Trading site or Counter-Strike Global Offensive trading site is a website that lets you trade your skins in exchange for other skins. Sometimes - these csgo skins could be worth a lot more than the skin you traded the website! CSGO trading sites mainly help users trade many small, low valued skins for a few high valued prestigious skins. For example - you can trade your Factory New Aquamarine Revenge and a Minimal Wear USPS Kill Confirmed for a Minimal Wear M9 Bayonet .

These websites usually take a fee for their services, 4%-10%, and have thousands of items in stock. CSGO trading sites also offer much higher profitability than opening cases so it is the clear option if you want to save money and get valuable skins. Some of the best CSGO trading sites currently are CS.Money, Tradeit.GG, and CS.Trade. Be sure to check them out if you want to have the best experience while trading your skins!

How can I find the Best CSGO Trading Websites?

Finding the best CSGO trading websites can be a daunting task. You could always look through the Google results - but those are usually filled with posers and scammers. You could also look at the many “top CSGO skins “ websites - but these sites are usually paid off by some of the sites. GamerTotal, however, has been comparing OSRS/RS3 Gold websites since it opened in 2017. We have served over 1m unique visitors over the time we have been open. We decided to create a fair and unbiased list of the top CSGO Trading websites so you can be sure that the website you decide to buy from is the absolute best!

How to find the most trusted CSGO Trading Sites?

Since you are basically trading your skins to a random bot - finding trusted CSGO trading sites is of the utmost importance. Some metrics to look into when deciding if a site is trustworthy are whether the website has any negative reviews online, who the owners are, how many successful trades the site has completed, and how many satisfied customers the site has. One this is for sure - since we do a lot of due diligence before putting a CSGO trader on our website - you can be sure that any of the sites listed here are 100% safe to use!

How to be safe when using CSGO trading sites?

The main way you can get scammed using CSGO trading sites is by trading your skins to the wrong person. This is commonly done by navigating to a website that has a very similar domain to the one you want to trade. Sometimes these scam domains are only different by 1 character. For this 1 character is enough to get scammed. The one main tip you should take away is - before trading with a site - be sure to check if the domain name is exactly the same as the site you want to trade with. If it is not - there is a good chance that you are getting scammed.

Is it possible to profit from trading with a CSGO Trading Website?

It is most definitely possible to profit while trading with a trading site. The process goes as follows, you can first, trade some skins that are worth $100 to the site. You can then choose a skin from the trading site that you want to trade for. If that skin is a knife and has a rare pattern, you can actually make money on the trade. These opportunities come by a lot more often than you would think. 

How do CSGO Trading Websites work?

CSGO trading websites work through a trustworthy bot system that allows for secure transfer of cosmetic CSGO skins. Users can log into their Steam account through the site and see both the skins available from their inventory and the skins available from the CSGO trading site. When the respective skins are chosen, users will receive a Steam trade offer from a site’s bot in a safe way. Upon verifying and confirming the offer for CSGO skins, the user can enjoy their cosmetic skins - all through a secure and convenient process!

What is a CSGO Trade Bot and how do they work?

A CSGO trade bot is the exact same thing as a CSGO Trading Website. It is just another word for it! It also works the same as a CSGO trading website. You trade your skins to the trade bot - and the bot trades it’s skins to you in exchange. The vocabulary CSGO trade bot is usually used when you want to ensure that you are trading with a bot rather than a real person!

Why Should I trust you?

We believe that trust is earned. That is why we have been offering an unbiased tool that lets consumers compare the price of OSRS and RS3 Gold for the last 5 years. We believe that our past experience in providing an unbiased service should give you the proof you need that we are a trustworthy source of information on the top CSGO trading sites to trade with in 2021!

How are sites added to this directory?

The top CSGO trading websites sites that are added to this directory undergo a strict and rigorous process to verify their trustworthiness. A large CSGO sample trade is first conducted with over $200 USD to ensure that the site is able to handle a valuable volume of CSGO skins. Followingly, a comprehensive research check is performed on the site to verify their credentials. For example, we verify the site owner, the site location, and many other details to confirm its business legitimacy. Once this information is verified, our industry experts examine this information to determine if the site’s standards are aligned with our criteria for quality. Only top quality sites with secure and reliable practices are chosen through this process, as we highly value our business integrity over fraudulent earnings.