Complete 1-99 Runecrafting Guide [OSRS] (AFK/Profitable/Fastest)

Runecrafting is a highly beneficial skill in Old School RuneScape, that can be trained by both, free-to-play and pay-to-play players. We will go over everything you need to know about this skill and how you can progress your way through it, as you begin your journey in Gielinor with our OSRS Runecrafting Guide here.

The skill itself deals with the creation of magic runes, where its simple name is derived from. These runes are used for casting a wide variety of spells by mages and are consumed each time a spell is cast.

Hence runes are in very high demand all the time, which makes this skill a good way to make some OSRS money.

As a result of the lack of variety in the skill itself, only a limited number of people have proven themselves to be dedicated and committed to riding the journey from Level 1 to 99.

How do I get started?

The first obstacle before starting your path in Runecrafting is the completion of a quest; ‘Rune mysteries’ quest. This beginner quest is easily done within 2 minutes and has no skill requirements. On top of this quest, a big boost would be the completion of ‘The Abyss’ mini-quest for its rune pouches and access to abyss Runecrafting. The quest experience reward (1,000 exp) will also immediately avoid some hassle and get you level 9 Runecrafting.

Recommended Quests

  • Rune Mysteries (Mandatory, Requirements: None. Rewards: Ability to Craft Runes, Ability to mine Rune Essence). This quest opens up the Runecrafting Skill for you, which means that this is the starting line for all aspiring Runecrafters.
  • Enter the Abyss miniquest (Recommended/Mandatory, Skill Requirements: Rune Mysteries Quest completed. Reward: 1000 Runecrafting Experience, Access to the Abyss, a Small Pouch). Rewards from this quest are too essential to pass up. Access to the Abyss allows you to craft Runes there, and the Small Pouch increases your Rune Essence/Pure Essence capacity, which in turn improves your leveling efficiency.
  • The Ascent of Arceuus (Optional/Recommended, Skill Requirements: 12 Hunter. Reward: 500 Runecrafting Experience). This allows you to gain that few initial Runecrafting Levels with ease.
  • What Lies Below (Optional, Skill Requirements: 35 Runecrafting, 42 Mining or Access to the Abyss. Reward: 8000 Runecrafting Experience).
  • Lunar Diplomacy (Optional, Skill Requirements: 55 Woodcutting, 60 Mining, 65 Magic, 49 Firemaking, 40 Defence, 61 Crafting. Reward: 5000 Runecrafting Experience).
  • The Eyes of Glouphrie (Optional/Recommended, Skill Requirements: 45 Woodcutting, 50 Firemaking, 46 Magic, 5 Construction. Reward: 6000 Runecrafting Experience). This quest is a great place to start Runecrafting Leveling if you meet the requirements.
  • The Slug Menace (Optional, Skill Requirements: 30 Runecrafting, 30 Thieving, 30 Slayer, 30 Crafting. Reward: 3500 Runecrafting Experience).
  • Devious Minds (Optional, Skill Requirements: 50 Runecrafting, 65 Smithing, 50 Fletching. Reward: 5000 Runecrafting Experience).

Fundamentals of OSRS Runecrafting

Like any other skill, Runecrafting has its own unique materials and needs. We've mentioned the Runes already. It is possible to craft several different types of Runes from raw materials. Rune essence, Pure essence, and Dark essence are the main components of the raw materials.

Essences (Rune/Pure & Dark)

Essence has been the foundation of Runecrafting training since the introduction of the skill, and when infused with an altar, it converts them into the corresponding runes. It is mainly acquired at the Rune Essence Mine by mining after the completion of Rune Mysteries quest, but more generally from monster drops or the Grand Exchange. For higher-level runes, pure essence is required, although, it has a lower market price.

To craft Runes from dark essence, you must mine Dense essence blocks and then convert them into Dark essence blocks which are then cut into Dark essence fragments by using a chisel on them. Mining and crafting Dark essence require level 38 Mining and Crafting respectively and require House Arceuus favor: 25% to access the Arceuus essence mine, in order to mine Dense essence and 100% to create Dark essence blocks.

Talismans & Tiaras

Here we will talk about the 13 different types of talismans and tiaras, and their corresponding Rune type. Talismans are required when a player wishes to turn their essence into Runes, which can later be used for casting magic spells or sold for profit. When a player wishes to create runes they must have a talisman and rune essence in their inventory and access their desired Altar – Runes cannot just be crafted anywhere. Runecrafting altars can be accessed via Mysterious ruins which are scattered all over the world map. To access the specific altar, you must have its corresponding talisman/tiara (For example Air talisman to access the Air altar). Once inside, clicking on the Altar will turn all essences in the player’s inventory into the corresponding Runes.

There is another advanced item that is also used to access Altars and that is a Tiara. Tiaras can replace Talismans when accessing an Altar. Like Talismans, Tiaras do not grant a universal passage to all Altars and instead can only be used to access their corresponding Altar. To create a Tiara for this purpose, you must have the specific Talisman of the rune you want and a tiara. You then access the mysterious ruin and use Tiara on the Altar and there you go – your talisman will be transformed into its corresponding Tiara. You can equip it in your head slot and now you have that 1 extra space in inventory for Rune essence!


The Abyss Mini Quest grants you permission to obtain Runecrafting Pouches, which are very useful and essential as they save a lot of time for Runecrafting. To begin with, pouches are obtained from killing the Abyssal Creatures within the Abyss, and you can get all the different sized pouches at any level. Although, you need the corresponding Runecrafting level to fill them up. After completion of the Mini Quest, you are rewarded with a small pouch. But, to obtain the rest of the pouches; the medium pouch, the large pouch and the giant pouch - you have to kill the Abyssal monsters. The Medium pouch requires level 25 Runecrafting to fill, the Large pouch requires level 50, and the Giant pouch requires level 75 Runecrafting.

Find below the number of essences each pouch can carry and the level requirements.

All pouches above the small one can actually be lost and decay after continuous use if you don’t repair them. In order to repair them, you need to talk to the Dark Mage in the centre of the Abyss, or you can use the NPC Contact spell on the Lunar Spellbook to contact the Dark Mage.

Crafting Multiple Runes at a time

A more experienced Runecrafter does not only have the experience to craft higher tier Runes, but also more Runes of lower-tier, using the same number of essence. This is very useful and beneficial when using Magic yourself or selling Runes, although, it does not grant more experience since XP is calculated based on the number of essences used, rather than the number of runes generated.

Combination Runes

If you imagined that Runecrafting varioues Runes in one go is a big skill then prepare yourself – you can also make so-called “Combination runes”. Combination runes are made by, well, you guessed right, combining other types of Runes together. Here is how it works: you need to bring ‘Rune A’ with ‘Talisman A’ and Pure essence to ‘Altar B’. Make sure to have either Talisman B or Tiara B to access Altar B. Tiara is a highly advised choice since it saves you inventory space.

How is it done? Click “Use” Rune A on the Altar B. If you simply click Altar B it will create Rune B instead of the desired Combination rune. There is a 50% success rate which can be increased to 100% with the Binding necklace. There is an alternative route to create Combination runes. You need to cast Magic imbue spell and therefore save inventory space on Talisman A. In order for this to work, cast the spell just before using the Altar. Magic imbue spell requires level 82 Magic and the completion of Lunar Diplomacy quest to access the Lunar spellbook. The spell itself also needs runes to cast, which are 2 Astral runes, 7 Fire and 7 Water runes per cast. Using a Rune pouch is highly recommended along with the Binding necklace. Not just any Runes can be combined though, only the elemental ones, which are Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Note that you get more XP when creating Combination runes at the Altar of a higher level. For example, if you wish to create Lava runes (Earth+Fire), creating them at the Fire altar will reward your character with more XP.

Binding Necklace

Binding necklace is a very useful item to those who wish to craft Combination runes whether by using Magic or not. It provides a 100% success rate when making Combination runes (the default rate being 50%). Binding necklace has 16 charges and after they are used up it crumbles into dust. This item is a must-have for players who wish to craft Combination runes and it can be obtained from monsters in the Abyss or can be created by the casting Lv2 Enchant spell on an Emerald necklace. The second option requires level 27 Magic.

Optimal Gear for Runecrafting

Equipping the following items prior to Runecrafting is highly recommended as they will reduce your character’s weight in order to lengthen the amount of time you can run before running out of run energy.

  • Boots of lightness (obtained from the cellar in the Temple of Ikov)
  • Spottier cape (requires Hunter level of 66)
  • Penance gloves (requires 40 Defence and completion of Barbarian Assault minigame)
  • The Graceful outfit earned from Marks of grace while doing rooftop agility courses.
  • While the above items are helpful in reducing the weight you carry so that you can run for longer, they are not at all required. Stamina potions can be used at a bank to recover and reduce your energy drain. Alternatively, you can level your Agility to allow for faster energy regeneration, which means fewer potions needed in between trips.
  • Black pickaxe if using the Abyss. This is the lightest pickaxe in the game, weighing 0kg.
  • Falador shield to restore prayer to protect item glory.

Free-to-Play Runecrafting Training

As we have noted before, to begin training this skill you must first complete the Rune mysteries quest. Runecrafting is done at Runecrafting altars, so don’t forget the respective Runecrafting talisman or tiara (for example you could only enter air altar if you had an air tiara or air). Once the quest is complete, and you have the required tiara/talisman - you can begin your training journey. The fastest way to train Runecrafting as a free to play player is to make tiaras. The best tiaras to make are air tiara and earth tiara, since the cost to produce them is much less in comparison to other tiaras and the path to the air and earth altar is also much quicker.

Making Runecrafting Tiaras

If you want to train Runecrafting by making tiaras you will need a plain tiara and a Runecrafting talisman. Visit the corresponding Runecrafting altar, and use your tiara on the altar and the tiara will change according to the type of altar you used it on. Also, upon equipping a tiara it makes the altar accessible with a left-click and removes the animation on getting into the altar. It is possible to craft up to fourteen tiaras in one trip without teleports or if you’re a member thirteen tiaras with teleports, the Abyss can be used as well. Here’s what tiaras we recommend making to achieve 99 Runecrafting in free to play.

Level 1-9 – Air Runes

Use Rune or Pure essence to craft Air runes. Bring as many Rune pouches as you can to save time. Air altar is located south of Falador, therefore it is convenient to use Falador teleport tabs to bank your Runes. You will be granted 5 experience per rune essence (140 XP per inventory of 28 essences).

  • Experience needed (1-9): 969
  • Rune essence needed: 194

Level 9-14/20 – Earth Runes

At this level range, you unlock the ability to craft Earth runes. The Earth altar is located south of Varrock Lumber Yard, the place where you had to or should rescue poor kittens. In this case, the Varrock teleport tab should come in handy. You will be granted 6.5 experience per rune essence (182 XP per inventory of 28 essences).

  • Experience needed (9-14): 1138
  • Rune essence needed: 176

Level 14-20 – Fire Runes

At this level range, you unlock the ability to craft Fire runes. The Fire altar is located west of the Duel Arena, north of Al Kharid. The closest bank is Faldi's chest bank by the arena. You will accumulate a decent amount of fire runes, which you may sell or retain as you see fit. You will be granted 7 experience per rune essence (196 XP per inventory of 28 essences).

  • Experience needed (14-20): 2363
  • Rune essence needed: 338

Level 20-99 – Body Runes

At this level range, you unlock the ability to craft Body runes. Body runes is the highest rewarding rune for F2P players. The Body altar is located south of the Edgeville Monastery. You will be granted 7.5 experience per rune essence (210 XP per inventory of 28 essences).

  • Experience needed (20-99): 13,029,961
  • Rune essence needed: 1,737,329

Level 1-99 – Water Tiaras (Faster Method)

Players with a Runecrafting level of 1 are able to craft water tiaras, which give 30 experience per tiara and water talisman used (420 experience for an inventory of 14 each). Water tiaras are the most cost-efficient tiaras that free-to-play players are able to craft and crafting them gives the 4th highest possible Runecrafting experience per hour for free-to-play players.

In the F2P PVP world there is a bank chest located at the Lumbridge teleport which results in faster banking. This method saves approximately 30 seconds per run and yields roughly 32k exp/hr.

  • Experience needed (20-99): 13,034,431
  • Tiaras needed: 434,333

Pay-to-Play Runecrafting Training – The Fastest Method

Level 1-9 – The Abyss Mini-quest

For the fastest way to reach 99 runecrafting, you’ll want to start off with doing the abyss mini-quest. This quest takes about 3 minutes with teleports and unlocks the ability to use runecrafting pouches. It also grants you 1,000 exp which will instantly put you at level 9 runecrafting.

Level 9-23 – The Eyes of Glouphrie Quest

If you have the requirements for the Eyes of glouphrie quest, the experience reward (6,000) will put you at 23 runecrafting without having done any runs yet.


  • 5 construction
  • 46 magic
  • 45 woodcutting or 50 firemaking
  • Completed the grand tree quest
  • Alternative: If you don’t have the requirements for eyes of glouphrie you can do air runes until level 14 (Falador – see above) and then switch over to fire runes (duel arena altar – see above).

Level 23-99 – Lava Runes

Crafting lava runes is the fastest, although a costly way of training Runecrafting as you will make absolutely no profit and probably lose some money. It provides up to 72,000 experience per hour with accurate clicks before 99 Runecrafting, and up to 79,000 afterwards. Due to the click-intensive process this method involves, players may be more likely to see rates closer to 65,000–70,000 experience per hour. For the best efficiency, players will need level 82 Magic and completion of Lunar Diplomacy to cast the spell Magic Imbue, which negates the need for a talisman in combination Runecrafting. Players should use a ring of dueling and binding necklace to teleport close to the fire altar and ensuring lava runes are crafted 100% of the time. It's also worth noting that the player might only want to use the 2 largest rune pouches they have available to them, as the time saved filling and emptying the pouches could result in faster laps and better experience rates.

Location – Fire Altar

Level 23-99 – Ourania Altar (Alternative Method)

Unlike other runecrafting altars, the Ourania altar turns your pure essence into random runes instead of one specific rune like the other altars. There is also a chance of obtaining bonus runes to those who have the Ardougne Medium Diary completed. There are no runecrafting level requirements for the Ourania, also called the ZMI altar. Although, with a higher runecrafting level, your chance of obtaining more valuable runes increases, and therefore your hourly profits increase with your runecrafting level. Another thing that is different about the Ourania altar is that it doesn’t require a talisman, tiara, or staff to be accessed.


  • 100% RECOMMENDED: 71 magic + lunar diplomacy for Ourania altar teleport spell, this is not a requirement to access the altar but you’ll be destroying your experience rates if you have to constantly run back and forth so you should NOT consider this method if you do not meet these requirements.
  • You can access the altar from level 1 runecrafting but a higher level (40+) is highly recommended.

EXP Rate: 20-50K/hr (highly dependent on your runecrafting level)

How to get to the Ourania altar

Ourania teleport on the lunar spellbook (requires 71 magic)

Battlefield teleport through the spirit tree network

Ardougne teleport and walk there

Running the altar

There are two ways to run the Ourania altar, a short and a longer pathway. The short way is guarded by aggressive warriors, mages, rangers, and more. The longer way is completely monster-free but takes almost double as long.

Example set-up to negate as much damage taken from NPCs while keeping your weight low!

TIP: if you’re running the altar in the official world: 327, you will rarely take damage from the monsters.

Pay-to-Play Runecrafting Training – The Money Making Method

Here we are, in the final part of this guide, where we will talk about money-making methods when it comes to Runecrafting, and money-making in terms of progressing you way through this skill as well. Please find below the different levels and different money making methods depending on your level and access.

Level 13-44 – Mud Runes

At level 13, you unlock Mud Runes. Mud Runes are actually the best money at this Runecrafting level, and they are the best for a little while. They are best to be crafted at the Earth Altar, and you can profit about 5000 per trip, which is pretty good considering your level. The Earth Altar is actually located in the Lumber Yard in Varrock, and you can use Lumberyard teleport scrolls. But, we recommend you don’t do this, because you are going to be losing a lot of money. This is the money-making method section of this article, and the teleports themselves cost about 8000. So, it is not worth it. Walking to the Altar works very well, but, you can use Rings of Dueling and the Balloon Transport System because that is quite quick as well. But, it is up to you. Through trial and error you will figure out which one you prefer. When you are crafting Mud Runes, you will always need a Binding Necklace to get 100% chance of making the rune. You will also need Magic Imbue so you don’t need a talisman every time you craft it.

Level 44-59 – Nature Runes

The next method is unlocked at level 44 Runecrafting, and you guessed right, Nature Runes. Nature Runes can get you about 25 000 XP per hour, which is alright. The GP rates is about 500 000 per hour. So, that’s a really good upgrade from Mud Runes at level 44 Runecrafting, and the best method for Nature Runes has to be to run through the Abyss into the Nature Altar, craft them, and then teleport back to Edgeville and repeat.

Level 59-82 – Double Cosmic Runes (2x)

At level 59, you unlock Double Cosmic Runes, and getting to level 82 with Double Cosmic Runes is very slow. The positive side of this is that you will make around 108m in profit, which is bizarre right. The Cosmic Altar is located in Zanaris, and to get to Zanaris, you will need to complete the Lost City Quest. But, when you are crafting Cosmic Runes, if you have level 66 Agility, the speed of crafting them is a lot quicker. This is because there is a shortcut there that can take you straight to the Altar, and it saves you the hassle of having to run all the way and save some time.

Level 82-91 – Double Astral Runes (2x)

At level 82, you unlock the ability to make Double Astral Runes, which can make you around 108m again except now you are getting higher XP rates too, from level 82 all the way to level 91. Now, to craft Astral Runes, you do need to complete the Lunar Diplomacy Quest, and simultaneously you should have a decently high Magic level for the Moonclan teleport, because that very necessary as it increases your XP/GP per hour. You can get about 850k coins per hour doing Double Astral Runes, and you can also make about 20 000 XP per hour, which is not very shabby at all.

Level 91-95/99 – Double Nature Runes (2x)

At level 91 Runecrafting, you unlock the skill level to craft Double Nature Runes, and they are the best money-making method all the way to level 99 Runecrafting. Getting from level 91 all the way through to level 99 you will make 319m GP. Now, as mentioned above, the methodology is the exact same. Crafting Nature Runes, the best way is through the Abyss, and the XP rates are no different to what it was at level 44. It is about 25 000 XP per hour. But, this time, you are getting double the Nature Runes. So, it is 1m GP per hour instead of 500k GP per hour. So, that is an incredible money-maker while making your way to 99.

Level 95-99 – Wrath Runes

The one and only, Wrath rune, becomes an option to be crafted at level 95 Runecrafting. Now, if you got this far down the path in training Runecrafting, CONGRATULATIONS! You are a really stubborn and dedicated craftsman with lots of experience in the skill. Wrath runes are the highest level runes in the game and since few players level up Runecrafting in the first place, Wrath runes catch a good price on the GE. Wrath runes were added to OSRS together with Dragon Slayer 2 quest and you must complete this quest if you wish to craft the runes.

  • Wrath altar is located south of the Myth’s Guild. It is recommended to equip a Mythical cape, Ring of dueling, and Anti-Dragon shield.
  • The Mythical cape is required to teleport to the Mythic statue which you can click to access the Corsair Cave Dungeon.
  • Once in the dungeon, you have to run south until you find a Cave entrance engraved in the wall.
  • Click on it to teleport to the island where you will find the Wrath altar.
  • The Anti-Dragon shield will help you when you are in the Corsair Cave Dungeon and Ring of dueling is necessary for convenient banking.

You can make a juicy 1m-1.5m per hour depending on how fast you do your trips, although, of course the XP rates are not the best – 30k XP per hour.

Using the above route for 99 Runecrafting will grant you a guaranteed 500m+ profit, although prices may vary upon the release of this guide, so make sure to calculate the exact profit at the time!

Level 99+ – The ULTIMATE Money Maker - Double Death Runes (2x)

Now, at level 99 Runecrafting, I know that this is a level 1 – 99 Guide, but, at level 99 you unlock one of the best money makers in-game; Double Death Runes. I am just briefly going to go over this. Double Death Runes give you 1.3m GP per hour, which is insanely good money. The fastest way to do this is to run through the Abyss, like the Nature Runes process, and you can profit 28k per inventory, as long as you have all of the pouches filled. So, once you hit that 99 Runecrafting milestone, if 320m is not enough for you after you do Double Nature Runes, then you can do Double Death Runes for even more money. Although, I’m pretty sure you’ll be ready to grind out another skill with all the money you make, if you take the money-making route from level 1–99 Runecrafting of course.

Runecrafting Training – Advice & Tips

Below is some advice from some of the top skillers in-game that have made their way to 99 Runecrafting and proven their determination!

Take it easy, you are not in a rush!

Runecrafting is one of the least favorable skills in OldSchool Runescape. If you want to reach 99, don’t try to do it all in one go as the experience rates are slow compared to other skills, so you will likely get demotivated and want to give up. Rather, train your Runecrafting once or twice a week for a couple of hours and gradually scale this up if you can do more.

Mix up your choices, don’t stick to one!

Constantly running to the same altar can be very boring, especially when you’re barely making money like with the lava rune altar. Instead, switch it up with some ZMI altar runs or maybe a quest or two in between, they are more fun and will make you some profit.

Efficiency is key!

If you’re going for the max cape, it’s important that you level your account efficiently. Runecrafting requires you to do A LOT of running, therefore it’s essential you have the graceful outfit. This means you should train your Agility before you train your Runecrafting. A higher agility level also means your run energy regenerates faster.

Hopefully, this OSRS Runecrafting guide was helpful to you. If you’re interested in more guides, we have skilling guides for every skill in OSRS.

Anyways fellow GRINDERS, that is all of the Runecrafting methods we are going to cover in this article. We hope you guys learned how to do Runecrafting today - efficiently and professionally!

As always, thank you so much for reading this article, and have a pleasant grind!

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