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Why choose us?

Our clients choose us to assist them with their price comparison needs because the market simply doesn’t have a service that meets the standards we uphold. So when you’re on the hunt for the best OSRS gold sites with the best OSRS Gold prices, don’t get lost in a sea of scam artists and smooth talkers; trust Gamer Total. We provide our users with insight into the best providers on the market so they can find cheap Runescape gold in no time. Our list of premium providers will get you what you need in a flash!

Customer Security

Our team of experts has approved every provider that we have listed on our platform. Your safety will never be compromised when you use Gamer Total to buy cheap OSRS gold.

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The providers we carry on our platform are renowned for their dedication to the craft and dislike of keeping their customers waiting. Check out our available listings today.

Quality Guarantee

All providers listed on our platform only offer their customers products of the highest standards. So when you’re looking for the best OSRS Gold sites, trust Gamer Total to help you find them.

Who is Gamer Total?

Here at Gamer Total, we have one priority in mind; helping our clientele find the best OSRS gold price. We showcase a variety of trusted platforms where our users can get all of their gold needs met; we additionally have a section dedicated to platforms we have personally dealt with and feel are of the highest standards for our users. Customers can easily find conversions of OSRS GP to USD, so they know exactly what they’re spending. We do this so that no one on the hunt for cheap OSRS gold is left dissatisfied, overcharged, or downright disappointed. Many of our team have been specialists in this field since as far back as 2009, so it is safe to say you are in safe hands at Gamer Total.

What is RuneScape?

RS is an MMORPG created and founded by Jagex. Since its start in 2001, the game has seen the creation of over 250,000,000 accounts. The game is set in the world of Gielinor, a fantasy realm made up of different cities, kingdoms, and regions. Players may travel through the game on foot, using spells, teleportation, or charter ships to complete quests, defeat enemies, and collect valuable resources. Each region you encounter will have different monsters, resources, and challenges.


OSRS gold, sometimes referred to as OS RSGP, is the currency used by players to navigate themselves through the vast regions of the game. Though players can acquire gold through organic means, ie. completing boss battles and selling unwanted items in your inventory, it can be rather difficult to get your hands on the amounts needed for many tasks within the game. It is most often used to assist in levering up skills, purchasing powerful weapons and armor, as well as memberships. For the reasons mentioned above, we offer our users premium sites to buy cheap OSRS gold.

How and where can I buy cheap OSRS Gold?

We are well aware of the grievances customers can face while in pursuit of cheap OSRS gold, hence the creation of our platform. For any questions you may have regarding your safety, the authenticity of our vendors, etc., you can visit one of our comprehensive gold seller guides. As mentioned above, we also have a section on our platform dedicated to users we have personally dealt with and are happy to vouch for. So you can get the right OSRS Gold price with every purchase.

Can I buy cheap Runescape Gold safely?

Although we ourselves and the providers we carry always ensure to put in our best efforts to protect our users from issues and ill-will, there will unfortunately always be a slight risk with these kinds of purchases. Therefore, in an effort to negate the downsides when you buy cheap Runescape gold, we suggest the use of an old account of yours to act as a middle man during purchasing. This recommendation is primarily aimed at those of you who buy quantities of gold more frequently, though this suggestion is something any buyer can take note of.

How can I best avoid scams when looking for the best OSRS Gold Sites?

This is something you should always keep in mind while you buy cheap OSRS gold with any provider. Here at Gamer Total, we have found the best way to do so is to ensure that the provider you have chosen for your transaction is listed on our platform. Next, should you wish to check the seller you have found thoroughly, try visiting Sythe or Powerbot; this will give you an even more in-depth look at the selected provider, allowing you to see if there are any scam reports open against them, etc. Finally, should all of these results come back in a positive manner, you should have found yourself a trustworthy vendor who is sure to deliver you your OSRS gold. Always remember to check conversion before sales to ensure you get the correct quantity of OSRS GP to USD.

How can I earn my own OSRS Gold?

As discussed above, OS RSGP is needed for many tasks throughout your gaming endeavors, but, as we also mentioned, organically getting your hands on it can be tiresome and tedious. We honestly wouldn’t recommend wasting your time grinding for what could be mere pennies when you could find cheap OSRS gold on our site in next to no time. Though, if you would like to make use of our platform alongside the grind, we do carry some exceptional guides in our blog section; they will inform you of the best and quickest methods to earn some OSRS gold.

How do I find which providers have the cheapest OSRS Gold price?

Not only do we showcase a number of trusted providers for you to choose from, but we have also implemented our automatic price detection software. This software automatically and periodically scans all listed providers on our site daily to ensure our users are always greeted by accurate and affordable prices. Once the system is updated, simply visit our Gold Seller Directory and sort through RS3 and OSRS Gold. You will first be presented with our ‘Verified Sellers’ following this list will be all other providers we have listed in ascending order. Customers can also take the time to check conversion rates using an OSRS GP to USD calculator if they wish to do their own research. We additionally warn our users to be mindful of the fact that many websites can add up to 5% in additional payment processing fees when searching for your perfect fit.

How can I Find the Best Prices When Looking for the Best OSRS Sites?

When you shop for cheap Runescape gold, keep in mind that the market constantly experiences fluctuation, with RS3 always being significantly more affordable than OS RSGP. Despite these fluctuations, we have calculated that the average OSRS million is around $0.85, whereas an RS3 million is only approximately $0.18. As a result, many players often choose to buy cheap OSRS gold from independent sellers and players as there is often a price drop; however, keep in mind when purchasing that you will be open to attack from scammers and the likes if you choose this route. So, always opt for a service such as ours when looking to buy cheap Runescape gold, as the OSRS Gold price being low, doesn’t always equal good.

How Can I Make Money from OSRS Gold?

Gamer Total can assist our users in that respect, too; you can sell your surplus of OS RSGP to many of the trusted sites listed on our Gold Seller Directory. Many vendors carry the expectations of a sale over 100m+, and you must be able to access a payment method such as PayPal, Cryptocurrency, etc. Our dedicated team of experts has also compiled a guide on how to sell OSRS gold in an effort to get you through some of the more complex steps of selling OS RSGP. View our directory today and use our specialized filters to find the perfect vendor for you.

Additional Services

As an expansion into the world of providing digital goods, we not only assist our clientele in finding the best OSRS Gold Sites, but we also assist them in finding accounts providers. This also covers our users who wish to sell OSRS accounts. They can do so if they are in possession of an unwanted account with desirable attributes; through the use of our Directory, clients should be able to find the ideal platform to cater to all of their digital needs.

How do I request a Site to be added to the Directory?

If you are in the know about a new OSRS Gold Site and you wish to have it added to our directory, then please contact our team with your request. You can do so by emailing us at (Insert email here) and informing our agents of the name of the site, its URL, as well as any vouches for the said site on relevant forums. Following this, we will have one of our experts investigate this site, and its legitimacy, in order to conclude as to whether or not the site is suitable for our platform. Should we decide to add this site to our directory, we will then forward you a thank you email and a small reward of OS RSGP.