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Why choose us?

GamerTotal is the number one destination for your reliable OSRS accounts traders. We only deal with professionals on the market, which means that every vendor located on our site is there for a very good reason – they are the best at trading Old School accounts. Each seller is ranked based on the price point of their gold meaning you will easily find the best rates possible. We operate a straightforward and secure service that allows customers to sell their OSRS accounts without getting scammed!

What is OSRS?

Old School RuneScape is an MMORPG released in 2013, by Jagex. It was released as a remaster of the original RuneScape dating from early 2007. OSRS came to life thanks to the dissatisfaction of the RuneScape community. The current RuneScape trajectory back then was not adored by many, thus Jagex had to intervene with OSRS to win back their followers. The game turned out to be an amazing move from Jagex, portraying a nostalgic feel of the 2007 game. OSRS quickly amassed a huge following, resulting in it being developed into a full game. Today, OSRS is thriving with a content voting system, weekly Q&As, and developer-to-player interaction, which are all contributing to the game's growth.

OSRS Accounts

OSRS accounts will vary in value depending on how much effort is invested into them. Make good use of your grind and have us connect you with the best OSRS account traders on the market. All our dealers are thoroughly inspected and evaluated to reduce any attempts of fraud. To sell OSRS accounts, fill out the required fields above and experts from featured sites will quickly provide you with a fair quote for your account. Should you accept the rate, we will connect you with one of our many reliable traders to carry on with the trade. All you need is RuneScape and a PayPal account to begin with the trade.

Why sell OSRS Accounts through GamerTotal?

GamerTotal, our service founded in 2017, hosts a couple of dozen reputable OSRS traders that customers can easily compare to find the one that suits them best. All of the featured OSRS account sellers have done business with us in the past, and are hand-picked for their trustworthiness and convenience. The team at GamerTotal is fitted with the finest RuneScape black market veterans, operating on the OSRS markets since 2009. Their expertise is crucial for determining the reliability of RuneScape websites. Sellers have to earn their spot on our website and none can buy theirs.

How can I sell my OSRS Account?

To sell OSRS accounts, please fill out the required fields above. Once done, click on the ‘Get Quote’ button and one of our featured sites’ agents will quickly connect with you with our best possible offer. If you consider the quote adequate for you, the sale will carry on and you will quickly receive the agreed-upon amount to your PayPal account. An email containing your receipt will be sent to you as soon as the transaction is complete.

Can I sell OSRS Accounts of all types?

GamerTotal’s reputable traders would gladly purchase any account off your hands, especially those with unique features. Pre-leveled stakers, pures, or mains, are highly sought-after accounts. OSRS Ironman accounts, as well as Hardcore Ironman, and Ultimate Ironman are also in demand. Head to our sale page to get a quote from our reputable traders, and sell your OSRS account in moments.

Is it safe to sell OSRS Accounts?

In this industry, scammers are dominating the market, therefore clients are wary of doing business with online traders. However, a handful of websites such as GamerTotal, PlayerAuctions, and Sythe rise above the rest due to their reliability and convenience. You can rest assured that sellers listed on our website are of the highest quality, and will surely quote your accounts at the cheapest rates available on the market. As an additional precaution measure, we recommend checking the trader, you want to trade with on Sythe or Powerbot to make sure no scam reports are open.

How will I get compensated for my OSRS Account?

The agreed-upon amount will be transferred to your PayPal account as soon as the OSRS account trade is complete. Keep in mind that you are trading with reputable sellers that have different systems in place, therefore transaction times will vary. Generally, the payment may take up to 24 hours to be completed, however, it is usually completed sooner.

Why do the prices of OSRS Accounts change?

OSRS gold is a very stable currency that experiences price fluctuations throughout the year. The fluctuations are minor, but often catch the eye of wary customers. Such fluctuations are only the result of changes in supply and demand, meaning OSRS is a healthy market. Unfortunately, these fluctuations force OSRS traders to adjust their rates to remain competitive in the market.

Do reputable OSRS sellers always buy OSRS Accounts?

Our sell OSRS accounts page is operational 24/7, meaning customers can fill out the required form and get a quote for their OSRS account at any point during the day. We serve as mediators between customers and OSRS account dealers; we bring customers and encourage them to use their services, and it is in their interest to always be of assistance.

Do I need to verify to sell OSRS Accounts?

Depending on the OSRS seller, verification may or may not be mandatory to sell OSRS accounts. If verification is a must for a certain trader, they will inform you before the trade. This is in place to safeguard the OSRS dealer from fraudulent activities. Keep in mind that certain payment processors may also demand verification as an industry standard.

How do you fight scammers and fraud?

GamerTotal commits a significant amount of time and effort to researching and implementing cutting-edge security measures. Because of this, on-site fraud is far less likely to occur. Our systems are also monitored by a team of security professionals to ensure they are running correctly. Each OSRS trader that wants to be featured on our site must undergo a series of verification steps to determine their reliability. We also scour the market for customer reviews about potential scam reports.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the OSRS Account sale?

As we mostly connect customers with trusted OSRS sellers, it might be best to inquire with their support agents about any questions you have regarding the sale of your account. This is because they will be more knowledgeable about their systems and procedures. However, we have our support email that can be used for customer inquiries in case you want to clarify the account sale procedure from our end. Simply write an email regarding your uncertainty, and send it to [email protected].